Audiovisuals for Product Launches in Toronto

Audiovisuals for Product LaunchesA product launch is a big event that shows off the hard work of your team and gets the public excited, eager to start buying, and also to simply celebrate and relax. You only get one shot at a first impression, which is why it is so important to make sure you deliver a stunning, engaging experience that cements itself as a lasting memory for guests. Using audiovisual (AV) technology for product launches plays a key part in delivering a memorable event because of the powerful way it can shape the experience. From the big details to the small ones, AV technology for a product launch can help deliver an immersive occasion. Here’s how!


atmosphere is a 4k Ultra High-Definition visual system made up of four screens that can play custom videos or use selections from bb Blank’s expansive library. When used during product launches, atmosphere can serve multiple important functions. On the most “basic” level, atmosphere can be used to play live music from the library, with each screen showing off a performer in stunning crystal clarity. If your launch event features speakers, the atmosphere screens can serve as a presentation aid that switches between unified large images and split screens as needed. This same functionality is ideal if you want to offer a product demonstration as well, since each screen can show a different angle or level of magnification so your audience gets the full user experience.

LED Walls

LED video walls serve a similar role to projection screens but with the advantage of being a pure digital medium. This allows you to display videos and images in top-level visual quality and colour saturation, further enhancing any visuals you wish to use to show off your brand. For an extra bit of fun, some LED screens can be set up with touch support. This empowers you to create dynamic, interactive moments for guests and lets them get hands-on with your event.

Speakers and Mics

When you consider how many product launches feature speeches, music, live entertainment, or video, it’s no surprise that audio equipment like speakers and mics are among the most common rentals bb Blanc provides for these occasions. The strategic placement of speakers allows audience members to get a pitch-perfect audio experience regardless of where in the room they happen to be, and microphones allow presenters and performers to have their messages delivered with astounding clarity.


Audio Visual LightingLighting is amazing for its ability to shape the mood and tone of an event. If you want to get your audience pumped up and excited, dim the house lights and throw up a laser light show, colourful spotlight spectacular, or the good ol’ disco ball. Lighting can also help direct and guide audience attention towards speakers, product models, key locations around the venue, and more. For corporate events, like product launches, special lighting features called “gobos” are also quite popular. These are cutouts that are used to create projections of images, such as corporate logos, allowing for an entrancing and brand-enhancing display.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is a valuable feature to include when you want to ensure that everyone can participate and enjoy your product launch regardless of whether you share the same language. This is a real-time interpretation service that delivers fast and clear translations to let listeners stay engaged without delays or time lags. Simultaneous text streaming is also offered to help engage audience members who are hearing-impaired.


Quality, live entertainment can dramatically enhance your product launch and further cement the event in guests’ memories. bb Blanc’s entertainer roster has a staggering level of variety to ensure that you can always find the right act for your occasion. Our DJs can crank out the tunes and deliver a steady stream of songs to get guests energized and dancing. Live musical performances can bring your musical needs to life across any number of cultural styles and genres. Magicians will wow and amaze the guests as they take our “creating event magic” mantra quite literally. Comics will leave audiences in stitches. Dancers will entrance and inspire alongside cirque acts like jugglers, aerialists, cyr wheels, acrobats, and much, much more.


It’s important that your product launch doesn’t leave out people who might want to come but can’t physically attend. Webcasting technology lets you deliver high-quality, uninterrupted streaming of your product launch publicly around the world or to select groups of your choosing. You can also use the same technology that supports webcasting to create permanent video recordings of your launch for marketing purposes or simply to look back on the memories.

Technical Support

It’s important to remember that, when renting AV equipment for a product launch from bb Blanc, you are getting our expertise as well as our gear. Our experienced, talented technical support staff and coordinators will work with you to devise the best way to implement the AV equipment of your choice. We assist in the set-up and running of the equipment during the launch event and offer troubleshooting support to make sure everything goes smoothly.

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