Stage lighting

Light has the power to draw all the attention of a room in one place. Having excellent quality general light on your stage will do three things – it will let the important people on the stage be clearly seen, it will make them the center of attention while they speak, and it will allow you to dim the room lights so your other video screens can be seen and enjoyed the way they should. Easy and affordable, stage lighting is a key component of any event.

Gobo Lighting

A gobo (goes before optics) is a piece of flat steel or glass placed in a lighting fixture, projecting the image that is on the gobo. The image can be a solid colour, pattern, shape or design. We can use gobos to create sceneries on walls like a forest or starry night sky. Many corporate events make use of gobos in order to project their logos. Gobos can be used to create visual effects on the floor, walls and even outdoor surfaces. Why purchase a large expensive sign, when you can more affordably project with light?

LED UpLights

Aside from being an eye-pleasing effect, up lighting can also be used to re-enforce corporate colours or match the theme of any event. They add a hint of elegance and sophistication to your room by illuminating and adding texture to drape, walls, ceilings and pillars. LED fixtures are set up around the perimeter walls of the room and can project one or many choices from their colour palette or change colours over the course of the event. We are now stocking wireless battery powered uplights allowing us to light up areas with no power sources and eliminating messy cable clutter where it can be an eye sore.

Moving Light Fixtures

These fixtures can be mounted in a variety of settings, including in the ceiling, on stands or at floor level. They have the ability to move left and right and up and down, as well as having full-colour functionality and gobo pattern changing features. They are an excellent option for creating excitement and thrills for your audience. When a speaker is introduced, a recipient is called up to accept an award or a dance party has started, the synchronized programming can create beautiful movements of light beams, stunning washes of colours or spotlight a special moment. They can even be coordinated to move to the beat of any song.

Lighting Control and Programming

With great lighting, comes a great lighting technician. bb Blanc’s skilled LT’s make use of programmed lighting technology that allows for detailed planning and timely execution of each lighting element at your event. However, our operators can also instantly adapt to sudden changes in a program with on the spot lighting control.


  • bb Blanc is our go-too company for our AV needs. We have been using them so long, that we do not have to speak as they know our needs or anticipate what we might need. This is what happens when you have a long-standing relationship. Thank you for all the years of professional service, and looking forward to upcoming conferences.

  • The entire team was very helpful which make the event a success, looking forward to working with them in any of my future events.

  • So glad I used your company! The guys were amazing in dealing with our electrical issues that day. They taught me a lot and I will definitely be using you again next time! Very much appreciate all the team did!

  • We wanted to thank you guys for everything. From the lighting to the dj. The music was AMAZING. You guys catered to all of the guests and we keep getting compliments on how they loved the music being played. Your DJS really listened to what we wanted.

  • The night was perfect, and the screens were perfect to display our video. The stage and podium we chose when perfect with our decor.  It really couldn't have gone better! Communicating with you and your team at BB Blanc was a breeze and you definitely made the process easier!

  • Saturday was the best day of our lives and we owe much of our happiness to your staff! The DJ & MC we’re beyond incredible. Our MC would continuously check in on us just to touch base and ensure that we were doing well, and our DJ had the dance floor packed from start to end! We couldn’t have asked for a better team!

  • We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and the entire bb Blanc team for a wonderful experience during our wedding. Not only were you guys extremely professional, but we found it was so easy and simple to work with you guys. Everything was seamless and perfect! We hope to work with you again in the future!

  • I like it at bb Blanc because of the team that we have, they are like-minded with progressive ideas and are fun to work with.

  • Every day I get to come in and tinker and play with new technologies and gear.  It's really my favourite part of my job.

  • It's so great working with people who love what they do as much as the bb team.  And our socials are so fun!

  • Corporate 15

    The devil is in the details. No one knows this more than the event producer, the client and the team at bb Blanc, they get the details and bring events to new heights. Working with these guys makes my life easier, my clients happier and my team more effective. From the on-the-spot solutions to the bend-over-backwards approach, it’s refreshing to work with people that are committed to excellence and make us shine. I have no reservations in putting the BB Blanc team in front of any of our clients, from small to large - they are an extension of us and are experts in their field.

    Louie Manzo | Executive Director, Warrick Manzo & Dunn Inc.


  • Lexie

    What an absolute pleasure working with everyone from BB Blanc, our expectations were not only met but exceeded. Our guests were blown away by the technology, sound and uniqueness of the "Atmosphere" screens. The service was exceptional, from the planning to the set up and execution. I can not say enough! Well done BB Blanc!

  • Corporate 13

    Your team was agile; and extremely flexible; when we changed times etc. and have absolutely great personalities – the exceed customer service and satisfaction.
    Your team was very courtesy, compassionate, knowledgeable and amazing during both set up and take down; and knew how to turn my anxiety into grace!
    The event far-exceeded all expectations; in a large part to bb Blanc; who transformed our beloved Cathedral to accept its beloved public.
    The community is still a buzz; and I am eternally grateful to you, your team and all the working bees who created the atmosphere we were looking for.

  • Corporate 11

    I wanted to share my thanks to you and your team again for running another show for that I again describe as “flawless.” As always, your team was professional, creative, proactive and ensured a memorable experience for all. The conference room look amazingly professional. And, the Carnival Room was looked incredible – hats off to Ted. Both rooms truly provided attendees with the “wow factor” upon entering.

    Shout out Taz for quick response and contingency when the keynote presenter’s laptop froze. Matt also jumped into action communicating with the presenter so she knew when to keep going and when to go back to presentation mode. And, of course, Justin as the rock keeping everything together.

    With all that said, I’m only as good as my last show… I look forward to working you and the team in the future to continue building “wow” moments for my team!

  • corporate 9

    Honda of Canada Mfg. had utilized the services of bb Blanc for Audio Visual as well as Entertainment for our annual Christmas party in 2014.
    Their attention to detail and commitment to success of our event was second to none. They are very dedicated and honor their promise of being involved from the beginning to the end of the event.

    Our Associates and guests were extremely impressed with the outstanding service, quality and quantity of Entertainment as well as Audio Visual for the evening.

    Working with bb Blanc was nothing short of an extreme pleasure.

    I look forward to working with bb Blanc on many other events in the future.

    Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call me.