With so many different types of projectors available how do you know which will be the optimal choice for your meeting or special event? bb Blanc takes the worry out of choosing the right equipment. No matter what size, brightness, format or resolution, bb Blanc has an expansive inventory of the latest projection options, lensing and the knowledge and experience to select the projection best suited for your presentation.


Your choice of screen will depend on many variables – are you using front or rear projection? Do you want 4:3 or wide screen format? Will you even need projection at all, or will a single or multiple LED flats screen monitors (from 30”-80”) do a better job? At bb Blanc, every element of the room, audience layout, size and sight lines will be taken into account to match the right screens to your needs. From simple pull-up tripod projector screens to draped theatre-style large screen treatment, we have an extensive selection in stock at all times.

Wide Screen Projection Blends

Sometimes, going bigger and bolder can create the impact you’re looking for to WOW your audience! Wide Screen Projection Blends are a great way to captivate your audience with a large, seamless video projection surface ranging from 40 – 300 or more feet wide, as the presenter’s backdrop. Using multiple projectors and edge-blending technology, bb Blanc will help stimulate your audience using picture in picture features to replace the conventional large screen set-up. This also allows for almost unlimited creative options, including custom visuals, breathtaking graphics, images and most importantly a more powerful platform to communicate your message.

Switching and Control

A truly professional visual presentation means no jarring cuts from one image to another, no sudden blackouts on the screen and no images of a presenter’s mouse searching their desktop. With the right video production switcher, your audience will see only the finished product – smooth dissolves, hold slides that hide presentation changes and audio switching that automatically follows what’s on the screen.

4mm LED Video Tiles

As bright and clear as our projectors are, nothing compares to the brightness and video quality of our 4mm LED Video Tiles. Our 20”x 20” tiles can be used to create a large variety of shapes and sizes to present virtually any video or special content imaginable. From a traditional rectangle to more elaborate shapes and displays, this LED technology gives you unmatched resolution and brightness that performs exceptionally even in a fully lit room. It can also be paired with projection, lighting effects and custom hard sets to present the most dramatic effects and one-of-a kind backdrops and set designs.

Pandora's Box Media Server

The Pandora's Box is an award-winning media server system that boasts a high-performance combination of projection and digital image composition. As a turnkey solution capable of producing intuitive media and show control, Pandora's Box is used to manage many of your visual needs from a single device. Armed with the most powerful rendering engine and with real-time 3D compositing, Pandora's Box lets us project visuals onto any shape and any conceivable surface including video mapping on buildings or cars.

HD Camera – Image magnification (IMAG) & Recording

For presentations with greater attendance, sometimes the only way to bring the speaker or performer closer to the audience is to put their live image on screen. At bb Blanc, our experienced camera operator’s use only broadcast quality cameras to capture every movement and facial expression of each presenter or performer. The images can also be recorded in HD video, a useful feature for our clients to use for post event production or archiving.

Custom Content Creation

Part of providing true turnkey solutions, bb Blanc’s multimedia specialists are committed to creating eye-catching and memorable custom graphic content and visuals to display during your presentations and special performances. Custom content can be used to match an existing corporate brand, re-enforce the special theme of the program and dazzle the audience at special moments throughout the event.


  • Corporate 6

    We were greatly impressed with your level of professionalism. It was also a pleasure for us to work with you and your team: they are knowledgeable, friendly and right on the ball.

    Thank you for helping us make this a successful event!!

    We will pass along your contact info to the new committee so they can contact you once they start preparations for next year's event!

  • The night was perfect, and the screens were perfect to display our video. The stage and podium we chose when perfect with our decor.  It really couldn't have gone better! Communicating with you and your team at BB Blanc was a breeze and you definitely made the process easier!

  • corporate 2

    Just a quick note to say Thanks! A lot of time and effort went in to making this a success‎ across the country and really appreciate your help. I realize it was a relatively small road show but hopefully the next ones will be bigger! It's great to have a true partner we can rely on.

  • Nkechi & Kingsley Oruche

    Nkechi & Kingsley Oruche

    My wife and I were over impressed by your services especially the monogram and lighting but overall it was elegant and my wife actually called the hall "A Fairy Tale World". Thank you so much bb Blanc we had a blast.

    Nkechi & Kingsley Oruche

  • The entire team was very helpful which make the event a success, looking forward to working with them in any of my future events.