Harnessing Ambiance for Restaurants

Atmosphere Ultra 4K for Restaurant AmbianceAs any good chef knows, presentation is important. Customers will enjoy a meal more not only if it is of good quality but also of good appearance. A similar rule applies to restaurants themselves. A dining establishment with good food will do well, but one that serves delicious food amidst a cultivated ambiance will truly thrive. Ambiance represents the overall mood of the restaurant environment and, when well-crafted, enables customers to engross themselves in the dining experience and relax.

Many different design elements go into creating ambiance for restaurants, but two of the more overt, and consequently the more impactful components, are lighting and music.

The Role of Lighting in Restaurant Ambiance

Lighting helps shape the overall tone and mood of restaurant ambiance. Most formal dining establishments, for instance, make use of subdued lighting or candles in order to present an elegant atmosphere. Restaurants meant to be family-friendly, or which aim to appeal to children, typically employ brighter and more colourful illumination. Speaking of colour, lighting is also important in how it pairs with the interior design of the restaurant. Not only do the light fixtures themselves need to match your design, the light has to support your colour schemes and not make the tables, walls, floors, etc., appear washed out or otherwise hard to look at.

The Role of Sound and Music in Restaurant Ambiance

When discussing acoustic elements for restaurants, it’s important to distinguish between “sound” and “music.” Sound elements are things like the general noise level and how sound travels. For instance, this can include how easy it is to hear noises and voices from the kitchens or wait staff areas. Learning about the way sound travels through your restaurant is the first step towards making changes for improvement. These steps can be as simple as re-arranging tables or setting up a soundproof divider.

Music serves two general roles in restaurant ambiance. The first is to help establish the mood of the dining experience—having smooth jazz in the background sets a decidedly different tone than rock or metal. The second is to provide a mode of entertainment to engage customers. This is why some establishments opt for DJs, live musicians, juke boxes, music videos, or more creative means than simply playing music over the speakers.

Using Atmosphere Ultra 4K for Restaurant Ambiance

Among the audiovisual services that bb Blanc offers, the atmosphere Ultra 4K HD screen system is one that will appeal greatly to restaurants looking to cultivate a desired ambiance. The atmosphere system is a set of four high-quality screens that show interlinked footage. The screens can also be combined to create a unified, seamless display for crystal-clear video on a massive scale. This atmosphere solution provided by bb Blanc offers three display options that any restaurant will quickly find to be amazing sources of ambiance support.

Live Music Films

The atmosphere content library contains over 350 music films, and the selection is in a process of continuous update and expansion. During a live music film, each atmosphere screen is devoted to a single musician or singer, mixing in close-up shots of performers’ faces and instruments as appropriate. The sensational level of picture and sound quality captures the essence of live music for an unparalleled experience. Among the selections offered by the content library include lounge music, acoustics, classical music, jazz, pop, rock, and dance tunes, allowing restaurants to pick their ideal act and switch things up as needed. You could play a different performance each day—or each hour should you so choose.

Mood Films

The atmosphere content library also offers a wide selection of mood films, which are a special blend of high-resolution photography and motion graphics set to supportive background music. Guests can become entranced by visions of vibrant downtown squares, Renaissance architecture, vintage car interiors, autumn nature, and much more. In addition to providing a visual treat, these mood films can instantly transform the ambiance of your entire room.

Ambient Films

The ambient films available from the atmosphere library deliver truly breathtaking vistas of the world’s natural beauty. Customers will be mesmerized by mist-streaked forests, bubbling brooks, crystalline snowdrifts, geyser fields, serene beaches at sunset, urban marvels, spectacular waterfalls, and much more. The 4K HD quality of these films will wow customers with sights never before witnessed and make their dining experience truly memorable.

Custom Content

Although the atmosphere content library is extensive, there is plenty of room for personal customization. Your own custom content can be delivered in Ultra High HD and impeccable sound quality in an amazing multimedia experience. Feel free to let your creative side take control and experiment with different visual styles and musical accompaniment until you’ve found the one that truly resonates with the ambiance you want for the restaurant.

Explore atmosphere Content from bb Blanc

High-quality samples of what atmosphere can offer a restaurant ambiance may be viewed here. For more information on bb Blanc and the unique additions we can bring to your restaurant, feel free to contact us at 416-360-0440 or at info@bbblanc.com.