Wedding Ceremony and Reception Musicians in Toronto

When seeking wedding music in Toronto, it is important to decide whether you wish to hire a DJ or live wedding musicians instead. Although bb Blanc is proud of the talents and expertise that our DJs can bring to events, we also know that it is important to acknowledge the talents and contributions that live musical performances can offer. Live music for Toronto events brings numerous, unique enhancements to the audience experience that are either difficult or impossible to replicate through other means.

What Live Wedding Musicians Bring to Events in Toronto

Pure Music Delivery

Each level of separation from a sound’s source to your ear affects its quality. Recorded music is performed in isolation, captured in a studio, processed, transmitted to disc or downloadable format, and then later played through whatever sound system is employed. Audio technology is constantly improving and can deliver impressive levels of clarity, but the dirty, little secret is that it is all dedicated to capturing the live experience. Using musicians for your wedding allows you to cut out the middleman, so to speak, and get the pure music performance directly.

Experience the Energy

Musicians do more than move their lips and fingers. Every catchy tune and killer beat is made by the performer throwing their full weight and energy behind the songs. These movements, which range from a drummer bobbing along to a guitarist arching their back to a singer’s “shake,” add a level of energy and engagement to the performance that can’t be replicated by CD.

Feedback Strengthens the Show

Performers work best when they are able to receive feedback from their audiences. This doesn’t mean things like comment cards, however; instead, it refers to the exuberance, the energy, and the excitement of the crowds. These emotions help encourage musicians and fuels even stronger performances.

bb Blanc’s Wedding Musicians

bb Blanc has a wide selection of live musical acts that can perform at your Toronto wedding. Each talented individual or band can bring dedicated talent and professionalism to help create event magic.


The harp is an eternally elegant instrument whose soft, classical notes add an aura of sophistication to any event. At a wedding, our harpists can entertain guests with calming, tranquil music that will carry through even the largest receptions. One of the strengths of the harp is that it can also be an entrancing way to add an otherworldly, fairy-tale atmosphere and grace that help accentuate the beauty of the bride.


Drums are not just a backup or supporting instrument. bb Blanc’s drummers can take to the stage solo and crank out fast-paced beats that can really move a dance floor. Drums come in numerous different styles, and this variety can be seen in the different musicians who use the instruments. You can have drummers who stand up on stage and churn out the rhythm, or drummers who strap on their instrument and circle through the guests to offer a more intimate musical experience.


The violin is a classical instrument that our skilled performers can use to a remarkable level of versatility. bb Blanc violinists can serenade with slow, tranquil melodies, elegant songs, or fast and upbeat tunes. This variety allows violinists to provide atmospheric music during receptions or the wedding dinner and switch to dance songs when it comes time for more energy. If you’ve never associated “toe-tapping dance music” with a violin, prepare to have your world changed.


The trademark jazz notes of a saxophone bring the downtown nightlife right into your wedding celebration. The energy of the saxophonist is easily conveyed through their instrument and resonates with audience, whether through a steady melody or upbeat serenade. This makes live saxophone performances an excellent choice for anyone interested in bringing urban sound to their reception.


The guitar has always been a popular instrument and is harnessed by a number of different genres. This can be seen in the number of variations available, such as bass, acoustic, electric. bb Blanc’s guitarists can offer soft notes, nightclub jazz, heart-pounding rock, and much more.


Flutes are good atmospheric instruments that can help create a high-class, elegant aura, similar to a harp. A skilled flutist can not only entrance your guests with elaborate melodies but can also provide support to other musicians depending on your needs. bb Blanc’s jazz performers make excellent use of flutes, as does one of our duo acoustic guitar acts.

Steel Drummer

Steel drums are strongly associated with tropical music and for good reason. bb Blanc’s steel drummers can add a unique energy to your wedding by transporting guests to the sunny shores of sand and surf through their tinkling notes. Enjoy tropical covers of popular songs or traditional steel drum displays of skill.


A tabla is a type of percussion instrument that is common in Indian music. Like with drums, tablas come in different sizes and shapes for delivering a variety of timbres and notes. bb Blanc’s tabla players can entertain guests with traditional Hindustani music or offer unique and engrossing takes on popular songs. Some of our tabla players mix styles from different cultures and incorporate elements like cymbals into their performance as well.


Live musical performances can naturally include live vocals as well. Our talented vocal performers can take the stage and deliver love songs, pop music, cultural favourites, and much more. They can perform alongside any of our other musical acts and in some cases may sign while playing an instrument themselves. It is difficult to capture the true versatility and options that a vocalist can provide to your wedding simply because the possibilities are so expansive.

Explore Live Musical Performances from bb Blanc

Video samples of our live musical performers and customer testimonials can be found on our YouTube page here. For more information on bb Blanc and the unique additions we can bring to your weddings, corporate events, or other occasions, feel free to contact us at 416-360-0440 or at