Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas The ceremony is over. You’ve said your vows. You’ve exchanged the rings. You’ve had the big kiss. Now it’s time for the reception—the first opportunity for a couple to celebrate their new life together amidst friends and family. It’s natural to want them to share in this magical moment, which is one of the reasons why the entertainment at a wedding reception is so important. The reception is about fun, festivity, and having a great big blast of a celebration, after all! When looking for wedding entertainment in Toronto, you are entering into an exciting world of talent that can help make guests laugh, smile, wonder, and walk away with memories that they’ll be talking about for years to come. Here is just a small selection of ideas that you can consider when looking for wedding reception entertainment.


DJs or Musicians

Almost all receptions include either a wedding DJ or a live musical performance for a very good reason. Even if dancing wasn’t such a customary wedding event, music has an irreplaceable way of resonating with people and crafting the emotions of an event. Wedding DJs in particular are experts at reading the mood of a room and knowing the right time to switch between lighter music and beat-heavy dance numbers. Live musical acts, meanwhile, add a unique energy and sound quality that can only come from an in-person display. You can even find groups that work additional performances into their sets, such as a “dueling pianos” display or even an Elvis impersonator.


Entertainment MCs (EMCs)

An EMC is a combination of a wedding entertainer and a host who helps move events along, introduces speakers, and keeps the evening on schedule—just like a normal MC. The “entertainment” part comes from the way they carry out this duty. EMCs will joke, tell stories, dramatize, and otherwise add a big dose of fun and flavour to the reception. Your guests will smile and laugh along as they are carried through the evening’s festivities.


LED Video Walls

LED video walls are kind of like projection screens on steroids. These top-quality devices can offer visual displays of any kind of scene or image. On the most basic level, a video wall could be used to play videos or slideshows for guests that depict the development of the couple’s relationship. With a little bit of creative muscle, however, a video wall can be incorporated into other types of wedding reception entertainment to help support and build new experiences. You could, for instance, use the walls to craft stunning landscapes that can serve as backdrops for guests or other performances. Having your wedding reception in Toronto shouldn’t stop you from visiting a rainforest locale or wave-swept beach. As a final topper for the evening, your video walls could even set off a stunning nighttime fireworks display!


Photo Booths

No longer limited to shopping malls, photo booths can be a charming and fun addition to any wedding reception. Photo booths are enjoyable by the young and old alike and let guests leave their own personal mark on the evening. To help create an environment for people to let their hair down and show their fun side, an assortment of backdrops and props are included so that people can be as silly or serious as they like. In addition to giving guests their own personalized souvenir, photo booths can be arranged to upload pictures to a chosen social media page so that images, messages, and funny faces can be shared even further.

Another option that presents a twist on this idea is the “video confessional” booth. These set-ups let guests make short messages for the bride and groom.



When looking for wedding performers, few options can rival the energy and pizzazz that dancers can bring to the reception. Whether you want some sassy salsa displays, a thumping hip-hop or break dance routine, some Bollywood-style song-and-dance numbers, or any other genre, dancers are available that will wow your guests with their moves, choreography, and music.



Magicians and mentalists are not commonly thought of when thinking about wedding performers—which is just one reason why your guests will be surprised when one shows up to put on a show. Magic comes in all types, so it’ll be easy to find the right illusionist for your reception, whether you want a street-style magician circulating among tables and performing tricks for small groups at a time or if you prefer a stage magician come on up and saw a few folks in half!


Aerial Champagne Pourers

This novel type of wedding reception entertainment combines style and function. An aerial champagne pourer is exactly what the name implies: a person is suspended in an aerial hoop or on a bar and will stretch, bend, and maybe contort as they pour champagne for guests. The premise may be simple, but the visual effect and novel entertainment will leave a definite impression among guests.


Flair Bartenders

A flair bartender is both a purveyor of alcohol and a wedding entertainer. They will flip, twirl, balance, and even bounce (!) bottles, switch up glasses faster than the eye can follow, pour flames, and maybe mix in a few martial arts for fun. Your guests will laugh, gasp, and applaud as simply ordering a drink becomes a roller coaster of thrilling entertainment.


Caricaturists and Artists

Having a professional caricaturist adds a unique personal touch to wedding receptions. These artists can deliver expert, on-the-spot artistry that captures your guests in a hilarious way that will spread laughs and smiles all around. Don’t forget that guests can take their pictures home as a unique and memorable souvenir.

Other artistic acts, such as speed painters, are also good options. Have one set up during the ceremony and live-paint the big kiss or the first dance for that extra bit of “wow!” factor.

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