'atmosphere' Technology

Highest Quality with 4K Resolution

atmosphere is the platform for high-end media installations at Live Events or in exclusive locations. The demands of superior audio and video quality and integrated administration are completely served by the atmosphere system. The atmosphere player technology for UHD content is based on the professional Apple desktop system, the MacPro. The atmosphere application provides an intuitive and user-friendly User Interface supporting all the required features of such a system: playlist creation, playlist scheduling, looping, audio control. All features can be remotely controlled by the atmosphere iPad app. With an installed system and only some basic training, anyone can control the wonders of atmosphere—no technician is required.

All channels are frame accurate synchronized. The atmosphere platform has been designed to be displayed on state of the art visual presentation equipment, multiple HD and 4K displays, LED walls or HD and 4K projectors.

The 4K format resolution is four times high definition. 4K brings a breathtaking field of view and a new depth in picture quality. Ultra-High Definition is already becoming the new standard for major events, trade shows and public and commercial areas around the world.

HDME Technology

High Definition Multichannel Entertainment is an innovative and creative presentation form for Ultra-High Definition audio & video film productions.

The HDME master has four separate frames of accurate, synchronized full HD multi-channels for playback. Unlike standard television or film productions, HDME delivers a larger spectrum of picture information.

The HDME technology has been developed by atmosphere media primarily for the global Live Events, travel and leisure facilities market, which are increasingly seeking new products to enhance the atmosphere and sense of well being in their location, and thereby extending the length of stay of their customers.


  • Lexie

    What an absolute pleasure working with everyone from BB Blanc, our expectations were not only met but exceeded. Our guests were blown away by the technology, sound and uniqueness of the "Atmosphere" screens. The service was exceptional, from the planning to the set up and execution. I can not say enough! Well done BB Blanc!