Unique Content

The atmosphere library is exclusively produced and organized around 3 main categories:

Live Music Films, Ambient Films and Moods Films. atmosphere producers are early adopters utilizing the latest state-of-the-art equipment to produce world class content for superior film and audio quality.

The atmosphere content library contains more than 40 hours of unique productions with 350 music films and over 70 ambient and mood films. The library is continuously updated and constantly expanding.

Live Music

A high-profile music presentation solution for fixed installations and events, showing musicians and their emotions up-close—a previously unseen or felt musical experience. atmosphere music is produced in top studios with sensational picture and sound quality and can be presented in any size with any HD displays, LED walls or HD projectors. The atmosphere library consists of over 350 live music films including such genres as lounge, acoustic, classic, crossover, jazz, pop, rock and dance. At the click of a mouse, thousands of the world’s best musicians are ready to perform what you want, when you want it and at the volume you prefer.

Ambient Films

Your guests have literally never seen anything like it. Breathtaking views of unique landscapes, underwater worlds or great cities are all accompanied by sophisticated, stylish music. atmosphere only shows ambient films that have been recorded in very high definition (4K=4 x HD). These films will create stunning atmospheres in any location worldwide.

Mood Films

High-resolution photography and motion graphics capture a special mood. atmosphere moods offers the exclusive content to transform the ambience of an entire location in the blink of an eye.

Custom Content Creation

Broadcast your custom content in ultra-high definition with impeccable sound. The best presentation technique is only as good as the content it displays. Only sophisticated content concepts can draw high levels of attention from spectators. Custom content can take your ideas and visions and transform them in to a mesmerizing multimedia experience.

atmosphere Pop/Rock Music Demo

The atmosphere library contains hundreds of high-profile musical acts that can add pop styling or rock performances to any event. These songs are a perfect, high-quality addition to any event that wants to get audiences energized and dancing, from wedding receptions to charity galas to even an end-of-night celebration following a corporate meeting. Using atmosphere blurs the line between playlists and live performance in exciting new ways that employs top-quality visual and sound capture to put audiences in the front row. atmosphere's dynamic displays will further enhance the experience and let audiences see performers and instruments up close in a way that even live shows can't copy.

atmosphere Jazz/Lounge/Acoustic Music Demo

atmosphere's name isn't just for show. This ultra 4k HD system is an amazing tool for cultivating and enhancing the ambiance of any event or occasion, which is easily demonstrated by the selection of lounge, jazz, or acoustic music from its extensive library. These catchy beats can serenade diners, support lounge settings, add a classy backdrop to social mingling or networking occasions, jazz up wedding receptions (figuratively or literally), and more. The customizability of atmosphere allows you to tailor the performances and switch display types as the evening progresses. To use a wedding reception as an example, you could begin with lounge music instrumentals, shift towards acoustic songs during the dinner, and then introduce jazz or a selection from the pop/rock library when it comes time for the dance. The wonder of atmosphere is not just in top-quality audio and visual delivery, it's in the control it gives you over the night's entertainment.

atmosphere Ambient Films Demo

The atmosphere screens are able to display individual images but can also link together to create a unified, massive screen. One option that this feature brings is the ability to display stunning, 4k HD visuals of natural environs in a way that most people never experience. Sunset savannahs, glittering glaciers, majestic bluffs, winter wonderlands, deep-sea drifts, and sweeping waterfalls are just a small taste of the natural wonders which can wow and entrance your audiences. Ambient sound is captured in crystal-clear perfection so that guests can experience the scene with their ears as much as their eyes. Soft, stylish musical accompaniment is also an option that can give literal notes of adventure to the visuals. atmosphere ambient films are popular in a wide variety of locations such as lobbies, airports, or to offer engaging visual effects ahead of an event's main presentation getting underway.


  • Lexie

    What an absolute pleasure working with everyone from BB Blanc, our expectations were not only met but exceeded. Our guests were blown away by the technology, sound and uniqueness of the "Atmosphere" screens. The service was exceptional, from the planning to the set up and execution. I can not say enough! Well done BB Blanc!