Types of Wedding Dancers in Toronto

The type of entertainment you choose for your wedding will have a great deal of influence on the kind of experience your guests will have. Although any wedding can have a blast with a traditional DJ and/or band set-up, some couples wish to add an extra dose of magic and wow factor to the festivities. This is why hired dancers are popular for wedding entertainment. Whether used for the reception or wedding ceremony itself, dancers of all types and stripes can impress guests with fluid moves and catchy songs to build excitement and energy. There is no one-size-fits-all approach for wedding event performers, and dancers are no exception. bb Blanc offers an assortment of wedding dancers that encompass numerous genres and styles so it is possible for you to find the ideal act regardless of taste or preference. Here is just a small sample of the kinds of dancers you can find for wedding event entertainment.

Brazilian Carnival (Samba)

Samba is a lively dance that can infuse the wedding festivities with an exotic passion. Whether you wish to celebrate the Brazilian heritage of the bride or groom or simply desire to inspire guests with a batucada rhythm, talented samba dancers are able to display truly stunning routines. For an additional visual treat, carnival-style samba dancers feature colourful choreographies using the glamorous costumes that make Brazil’s Carnival celebrations famous the world over.


Calypso is a fascinating music and dance style that traces its roots back to Trinidad and Tobago and draws from the voice of West African slaves who adapted to the French patois. Despite its less-than-cheery origins, Calypso music is remarkably upbeat and this is easily seen in the “jump dancing” style common in Calypso dancing. This makes Calypso ideal for putting a smile on guests’ faces and elevating the mood while wowing audiences with vibrant wedding dancers.

Bollywood Musical

The infusion of musical numbers in Indian films is a famous trait of the industry. Over the years, Bollywood music—also known as Hindi dance music—has developed into a genre of its own right. Bollywood-style dancers can engross guests with rousing, choreographed performances from popular films. Since much of Bollywood music is for group performances, Hindi-style wedding event performers are amazing at getting large swaths of people—like a wedding audience—moving onto the dance floor.


Disco’s fusion of funk, soul, salsa, and pop music is an enduring legacy of the 1970s and ‘80s that continues to raise spirits and encourage dancers to bust out the moves. Bringing disco dancers to your wedding allows you to capture the club scene-feel of a Saturday night out and, depending on the age of the couple or guests, harness nostalgia and inspire past memories. Bell-bottom trousers are optional.

Hip Hop

Hip hop dancers are soulful, energetic performers that deliver urban passion amidst block party beats. Perhaps more so than other music or dance styles, hip hop includes the talents of a masterful DJ who can mix and mold songs together into a genuine and unique performance. Rap music and break dancing can also be displayed by hip hop performers, but the two are not interchangeable and do not necessarily come together in all instances. Still, a dance troupe that encompasses the full scope of urban music can be a powerful performance to top off a night of wedding celebration.


Contemporary dance is a 20th century development that borrows elements from multiple styles to create a unique, professional mode of performance. One of the key distinguishing features of contemporary dance is that it is very much a performance piece. The dance and music are choreographed together in order to create a singular expression. When hiring contemporary dancers for your wedding entertainment, you can choose from a selection of performance pieces that can move your guests’ emotions and minds.


Ballroom dance and weddings have a long tradition together that is best exemplified by the couple’s first dance. When selecting wedding entertainment, ballroom dancers are able to engage in a spirited choreography that evokes elegance and grace. It is important to remember that “ballroom dance” is actually a fairly large umbrella and can include more spirited nightclub styles, like the hustle or salsa, along with more formal displays. There is a large Latin tradition in ballroom as well, as shown in dances like the tango, swing, and many Cajun dances.


African dances have few barriers between the performer and audiences, which makes them an excellent way to inspire guests to enter the dance floor. The dances themselves are also very passionate affairs as they are performed to the backdrop of drums and human voices. Hiring a troupe of talented African dancers for your wedding is one of the most effective ways to bring a community together in celebration.

Special Requests

Not all dance performances fit neatly under a single label. Perhaps you have a unique idea that blends multiple dance styles together or transitions from one to another. Maybe you have a passion for the stage and want to put together a Broadway-style music-and-dance number for the big day. bb Blanc excels at working with clients to bring their imagination to life, and special dance requests are no exception.

Tips for Hiring Wedding Dancers

  • Make sure your dance floor supports the style in question. Flat and smooth are often a given, but some dancers might work best if things are a little sticky
  • It isn’t uncommon for dancers to be asked to perform in unusual spaces, just make sure they are able to view the location ahead of time and tell them what kind of floor (stone, carpet, etc.) will be around on the big day
  • bb Blanc has a selection of sample videos available that you can view to preview the talent you are hiring

Look to bb Blanc for Stunning Wedding Event Entertainment and Dancers

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