Projection Mapping for Events in Toronto

Projection mapping is one of the most spectacular ways to use light for a presentation. It dates back to 1969, when Walt Disney produced one of the first ever public displays of this kind in his Haunted Mansion ride. But it wasn’t until the mid-2000s that it really caught on. Brands began to use this technology in experimental marketing campaigns to awe and inspire audiences. But exactly what is this technology? And where can you find projection mapping for events in Toronto? Here’s what you need to know about this phenomenal technology and how it can transform your next event.

What Is Projection Mapping?

Projection mapping is the technology used to transform objects or spaces into a display surface for projection. This physical space or object can be anything from complex industrial landscapes to smaller indoor objects or stages.

The core technology at the centre of this is known as “edge-blending” or “edge-butting.” Edge-blended projections can transform four walls into one continuous image.

The two types of projection mapping are two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D). They differ based on the type of surface the projection is displayed upon.

3D Projection Mapping

This type of mapping is displayed upon 3D objects, such as a building or stage. 3D projection mapping can achieve mind-bending effects by warping content using controlled software. Images take on a physical form and illusions can surround your guests in a magical way.

2D Projection Mapping

2D projection mapping is when the visuals are projected onto flat surfaces, like a wall or screen. It is often used to create stunning visual displays across the walls of a room, from top to bottom.

Why Use Projection Mapping for Your Next Event?

There are many benefits to using projection mapping for your event. It can create a whole new way to tell your story and communicate your ideas to your guests. Imagine your guests walking into your venue, with images of a city skyline across the walls. By using the best and most trusted audiovisual equipment, you can create high quality and impactful events that your guests will never forget. You can use the architectural elements of your venue and project any colour, theme, imagery, branding, or virtual scene or environment onto it to transform the room.

Here are some additional reasons why projection mapping is a great idea for your event.

Enhance a Surface

Curtains, decorations, and posters can only go so far to impress your guests; if you transform a space using projection mapping, your guests will truly be amazed. You can enhance any wall, floor, ceiling, or architectural surface to reflect the theme of your brand. By transforming the surfaces of your event, you will be doing something many of your competitors have not. This can give your company a great competitive edge.


You can solidify your brand by projecting logos, thematic colours, and ethos into a customized projection mapping display. This will give you the confidence that your message will be clearly portrayed in a creative way that stands out and makes an impact. If your event is open to potential business investors, donors, and long-standing employees, it is vital to your success to incorporate your brand into the theme of the event. You can do this in a subtle way, while still getting the point across, with projection mapping.

Word-of-Mouth Advertising

By making an impression on your guests, you will get them talking. This is one of the most effective types of advertising—and it’s free. By taking the extra effort to wow your attendees, you will benefit from free marketing as they share, post, tweet, and snap highlights of your projection mapping display on social media, extending your reach to their followers, friends, family, and colleagues.

Wow Factor

Advertising is everywhere, so it takes a fair amount of effort to stand out from the competition. While your competitors are posting ads on television, billboards, or social media, you can differentiate your offering from everyone else by grabbing the attention of your prospects with projection mapping.

Projection Mapping Planning Tips for Your Next Event

Projection mapping is a great option to consider, but first, here are some important factors to consider when planning your next event.


Consider your goal and make a plan for how you can execute it in the most effective way. If budget is getting in the way, scale back a bit, but not so much that you are compromising the presentation. Even if you are limited because of your budget, you can use 2D projection mapping, instead of 3D, and still impress your audience.


When you are preparing your projection mapping project, don’t forget that the content should reflect your goal. For example, if you are projecting photos, they should be high-quality, full size images, not pictures from your cell phone. Projection mapping allows you to beam your world around your audience, so it might be a good idea to talk with an expert on how to make this a great experience.


Choosing high-quality projection mapping technology may cost you more, but it will deliver more intensity, resolution, and clarity. This is vital during events, when the standard of your presentation’s quality can be a deal breaker for your audience.

Our Projection Mapping Rental Services for Various Events in Toronto

If you are planning to use projection mapping for events in Toronto, consider renting the service from a reputable live event production company. At bb Blanc, we employ talented, experienced, flexible, and hard-working people who are passionate about helping you create the event of your dreams. We believe in “Creating Event Magic.” We specialize in entertainment events, as well as corporate events like meetings, conferences, product launch events, fashion shows, fundraisers, galas, holiday parties, trade shows, and more. When we provide our AV equipment to your event, we send our talented professionals with extensive knowledge who can work with your team to set up, coordinate, and execute your projection mapping display. For more information on the services we offer, feel free to contact us at (416) 360-0440 or at